Seeds of the Heart
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Forgiveness Prayer


Precious and Beloved God, My Source, and My Creator:

Today, I ask for and open myself to receive the strength, courage, and compassion required to forgive myself. I forgive myself for all perceived sins, faults, mistakes, and failings. I forgive myself for every thought, belief, behavior, perception, and emotion that I have told myself is bad, wrong, unjust, unloving, and displeasing to You, God. I forgive myself for every hurt, judgment, condemnation, unkind or unloving thought, belief, and perception I have held about or against myself. I forgive myself for any behaviors, habits, or actions motivated by unforgiveness, the unwillingness to forgive myself. I forgive myself with compassion and love. I ask for, accept, and claim God’s forgiveness. Today, believing and knowing that because I have asked, I have received. I am so grateful.

I let it be!

And so it is!

~ Iyanla Vanzant


Today, I trust the Divine Wisdom that I have been given. I know that within me lies the answer to every question, the solution to every challenge, and the key to every dream.

Today, I trust the Truth within implicitly, no matter what others may say.

Today, I choose to share Love and Kindness, knowing that ultimately change begins with me. I extend to myself that Divine Love and Understanding that I strive to share with the World.

Today, I embrace the humanness of this life journey, knowing that it is an unrepeatable gift.

Today, I will view the world with the eyes of a child and cherish the world around me with awe and wonder.

Today, I claim the beauty of my blossoming and the power of my Being.

Valarie Nelson Fields

3 Ways to Plant Seeds of Gratitude for a Happier Life

Spiritual growth is about awakening and personal transformation. Gratitude helps us grow and expand on this path because it opens our minds and hearts to all the magic, wonders and miracles of the Universe. We cannot be unhappy when we are thinking about all the things that we are grateful for. But most importantly, gratitude is an attitude, a state of mind, a higher level of consciousness. Gratitude helps us shift our focus from the things we think that we lack, to all the abundance that is already present in our lives. And when we rejoice in the things we have and are grateful for, we attract more of the things that we appreciate and value into our lives. On our spiritual path, what we focus on increases; so focusing on the good in life creates more of the same, thus increasing our joy. When we focus on finding the good in every situation, we discover a deep sense of oneness and connectedness, a feeling that nurtures the soul. With gratitude we align ourselves more fully with the ultimate source of all good.

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3 Powerful Ways to Cultivate Mindfulness for Greater Well-Being

“Our role as gardeners is to choose, plant and tend the best seeds within the garden of our consciousness. Learning to look deeply at our consciousness is our greatest gift and our greatest need, for there lie the seeds of suffering and of love, the very roots of our being, of who we are. Mindfulness, itself a seed, is key to the care of this garden. It is the guide and the practice by which we learn how to use the seeds of suffering to nourish the seeds of love.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Most of us move through the day without being fully aware of ourselves and the world around us, without being fully alive in what we do, how we feel, or where we are. Many of us, most of the time, are absent from the present moment and absorbed in memories of the past or visions and plans for the future. Time is passing by and we seldom slow down to enjoy the moments. Often times we are in the hurry to accomplish necessary tasks and rushing through our to- do lists. Too often we are on “auto-pilot” and don’t pay much attention to all the situations and interactions that make up our lives. We are not just busybodies, we are also busy minds. When we are not hectically trying to get through the day, solving our problems, we are often consumed with worries and regrets. But then at some point we find ourselves losing our connection with the present moment and our joys and dreams, missing out on true experiences and may feel disconnected from our true selves. We realize that we are not showing up in our lives and that life is just passing by. Therefore, the practice of mindfulness is essential because mindfulness is the key to living in the present moment where all peace, joy and happiness can be found.

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Apache Prayer


Gardener of Life


Losing the Weight: Letting Go of Emotional Baggage

The pathway to spiritual growth is a process of letting go -letting go of our egos, attachments and judgments; but most importantly it is about letting go of the burdens of the past.

Often in life pain is inevitable. We all experience it to some degree in one way or the other – the pain from past hurts, losses, rejections, and disappointments. And even though most of the time we survive the pain and life goes on, we often tend to hold on to the hurts and the wounds of the past, and as a result we accumulate emotional baggage and carry a heavy burden on our shoulders. We all carry emotional pain to some extend. Even the most “perfect” upbringing has its baggage. It doesn’t require a traumatic event or abuse to have emotional baggage.

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