Seeds of the Heart
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The Art of Freedom: 8 Things to Let Go of to Free Our Souls


“Freedom is the oxygen of the soul.” – Moshe Dayan

Each of us has an innate longing for freedom. We may live in a free world, full of options and opportunities; but deep within many of us feel bound, stuck and entrapped by the burdens of our own minds. Freedom begins with the transcendence of the ego. It comes from the realization of our truth- that by nature we are pure, loving consciousness, and already free, beyond the bondage of our limited minds. In freedom, we realize that life is a reflection of our choices and intentions. The only way to let our souls free is to let go of everything that bounds our souls; anything that is not in alignment with our true essence, values and intentions. This includes limiting self-beliefs and negative mental attitudes. When we get in touch with our own state of freedom, we experience a deeper sense of Self. We begin to awaken to higher levels of love and awareness. Each time we let go of something, we experience a new sense of freedom, peace and empowerment.

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6 Tips for Enhancing Emotional Intelligence (EQ)


Emotional intelligence is an essential component of both personal and professional development, for our emotions affect every aspect of our lives. Whether in personal relationships or in our careers, we need emotional intelligence to navigate effectively through life. On our spiritual path, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) helps us to move from immature ego-driven behaviors to more mature higher self-driven behaviors. As we mature emotionally, we grow spiritually.

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” ~ Anais Nin

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Prayer for Letting Go


Dear God,

In this moment, I let go of all thoughts and concerns.

When I let go, I am able to receive.

When my hands are formed into tight fists, I cannot open my hands to receive anything.

When I hang onto tight control,

When I close off my heart and my spirit,

I cannot receive your blessings for me.

I let go to receive your blessings.

Letting go in this moment, I receive your loving presence around me and within me.

Help me to let go when I am feeling overwhelmed, so that I may receive your peace.

Help me to let go when I feel fear so that in fear’s place I may receive love and courage.

I let go of problems and challenges in order to receive your guidance and clarity.

I let go and trust you.

I will not fall.

You will catch me.

I let go and trust in the still, small voice inside of me.

Help me not to struggle but to surrender my struggle to you.

I gladly receive this gift of letting go and letting you lead me and guide me.