Seeds of the Heart
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10 Ways to Love Ourselves More


Self-love is the most important aspect of spiritual growth. Self-love is knowing the Truth of who we are and loving ourselves unconditionally in every moment. It is living in a state of gratitude and appreciation for existence – for we are a Divine Reflection of Life itself. But unfortunately, self-love is one of our greatest struggles in life, as our culture and society define our worth by external factors and material possessions, and don’t teach us to truly love ourselves. Most of our human suffering stems from the false belief that we are not enough or worthy of love. Therefore, self-love is crucial for our survival, healing, growth, transformation and evolution; and it is the only way to fill the emptiness in our hearts. Only when we love ourselves, do we have the capacity to love another. Self-love is the beginning of all love, and our relationship to ourselves sets the basis for all other relationships. That which we seek in life, whether it’s awakening, enlightenment, wholeness, success, health, peace or happiness, can only be found through self-love. If self-love is the foundation which we build our lives upon, we can reach our full potential and live a life filled with passion, purpose, joy and freedom.

“The lesson of self love is the apex of all other life lessons. It is the root around which everything else grows. It is the spiritual journey through which all other journeys are realized.” ~ Teal Swan

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Acceptance- The Road to Peace


In life we resist many things. We resist change, we resist pain, we resist responsibility, we even resist the truth; especially when things don’t go our way. However, it is our inner resistance to what is that causes us distress. Fighting reality is exhausting and leads to a dead end. When we learn to accept things as they are, they no longer have power over us to control our inner state. With acceptance we transform our suffering and cultivate inner peace; and from this peaceful state, we are empowered to make better decisions and create a better life for ourselves.

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