Seeds of the Heart
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Inner Peace Affirmations


Affirmations are a wonderful way to cultivate and manifest peace in our lives. Inner peace begins with a quiet mind. Taking time out of our busy days to quiet the noise in our heads and focus on the peace we would like to achieve, is an empowering experience. The practice of consciously choosing and using a new thought pattern is transforming and helps us be in charge of our own life experiences.

Here are 20 powerful affirmations for manifesting inner peace in our daily lives:

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30 Gratitude Affirmations to Manifest Joy, Peace and Abundance


Most of us are very blessed in life and have many reasons to be grateful for, yet only a few of us realize this. Gratitude is a powerful force that can help us manifest our deepest desires, such as love, health, peace and abundance. Each time we express gratitude, we align ourselves with the infinite flow of love and abundance and open ourselves up to receive more blessings from the Universe. We experience deeper levels of joy and happiness and feel more hopeful about the future. When we choose to focus on and give attention to what we appreciate in life, rather than what is wrong or missing in our lives, we transform all limitations. The power of gratitude moves us from a sense of lack and fear to a greater sense of love and expansion.
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