Seeds of the Heart
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40 Affirmations to Start the New Year with Passion, Purpose and Positivity


Affirmations are statements of intent that when repeated throughout the day can have a positive effect on our lives. Stating positive affirmations is a powerful way to start the new year, as we align ourselves with our intentions and purpose and take charge of our life experiences. Affirmations are seeds that we plant in our subconscious mind that have the potential to grow into a garden of hope, faith, positivity, passion and purpose.
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The Power of Prayer

Regardless of what religion we practice or don’t practice, prayer is a common ritual that is practiced across all cultures. Prayer is an act of faith and takes us into the depths of our spiritual journey. It is a way to connect to something deeper and more meaningful in life- a power greater than us. Whether we refer to It as God, Divine Consciousness or the Universe- this Higher Power is the force of life and power that pervades all creation. Prayer leads to feeling more hopeful and optimistic and empowers us to take part in the co-creation of life. The power of prayer is that we move beyond fear and open our hearts to new possibilities. It awakens our inherent inner capacities of strength, compassion and wisdom. Through conscious prayer, we attune ourselves to Infinite Power, and bring healing, peace, joy, harmony and wisdom into our lives and the lives of others.

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