Seeds of the Heart
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Veganism and Spiritual Growth

As we grow on our spiritual journey, we become more aware of the choices we make on a daily basis- from our thoughts and intentions to the things we eat and consume. Veganism is an essential aspect of spirituality because it is rooted in fundamental spiritual principles, such as love, oneness, peace, empathy and compassion. And because we are spiritual beings, having a human experience with the purpose to consciously evolve, how we live our lives, becomes vital for our spiritual growth and our soul’s evolution.
“May all that have life be delivered from suffering.” -Buddha

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25 Enlightening Quotes to Inspire Spiritual Awakening


With the shift in cosmic and planetary consciousness, it is evident that humanity is undergoing a profound inner transformation. As our vibration and consciousness are being elevated to higher levels, we are being continually challenged to let go of our limited old ways of being and are called to consciously participate in the co-creation of a New Earth.

Many of us are embarking on a personal quest towards spiritual awakening, often arising out of a deep, innate desire to connect with the highest aspects of our existence. We may feel the shift in energy and experience higher levels of awareness, but may not always understand the journey, the process and what it truly requires from us.

Here are 25 inspiring quotes by those who have walked the spiritual path and can offer us divine insights and wisdom:

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