Seeds of the Heart
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The Power of Prayer

Regardless of what religion we practice or don’t practice, prayer is a common ritual that is practiced across all cultures. Prayer is an act of faith and takes us into the depths of our spiritual journey. It is a way to connect to something deeper and more meaningful in life- a power greater than us. Whether we refer to It as God, Divine Consciousness or the Universe- this Higher Power is the force of life and power that pervades all creation. Prayer leads to feeling more hopeful and optimistic and empowers us to take part in the co-creation of life. The power of prayer is that we move beyond fear and open our hearts to new possibilities. It awakens our inherent inner capacities of strength, compassion and wisdom. Through conscious prayer, we attune ourselves to Infinite Power, and bring healing, peace, joy, harmony and wisdom into our lives and the lives of others.

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30 Gratitude Affirmations to Manifest Joy, Peace and Abundance


Most of us are very blessed in life and have many reasons to be grateful for, yet only a few of us realize this. Gratitude is a powerful force that can help us manifest our deepest desires, such as love, health, peace and abundance. Each time we express gratitude, we align ourselves with the infinite flow of love and abundance and open ourselves up to receive more blessings from the Universe. We experience deeper levels of joy and happiness and feel more hopeful about the future. When we choose to focus on and give attention to what we appreciate in life, rather than what is wrong or missing in our lives, we transform all limitations. The power of gratitude moves us from a sense of lack and fear to a greater sense of love and expansion.
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10 Ways to Love Ourselves More


Self-love is the most important aspect of spiritual growth. Self-love is knowing the Truth of who we are and loving ourselves unconditionally in every moment. It is living in a state of gratitude and appreciation for existence – for we are a Divine Reflection of Life itself. But unfortunately, self-love is one of our greatest struggles in life, as our culture and society define our worth by external factors and material possessions, and don’t teach us to truly love ourselves. Most of our human suffering stems from the false belief that we are not enough or worthy of love. Therefore, self-love is crucial for our survival, healing, growth, transformation and evolution; and it is the only way to fill the emptiness in our hearts. Only when we love ourselves, do we have the capacity to love another. Self-love is the beginning of all love, and our relationship to ourselves sets the basis for all other relationships. That which we seek in life, whether it’s awakening, enlightenment, wholeness, success, health, peace or happiness, can only be found through self-love. If self-love is the foundation which we build our lives upon, we can reach our full potential and live a life filled with passion, purpose, joy and freedom.

“The lesson of self love is the apex of all other life lessons. It is the root around which everything else grows. It is the spiritual journey through which all other journeys are realized.” ~ Teal Swan

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Acceptance- The Road to Peace


In life we resist many things. We resist change, we resist pain, we resist responsibility, we even resist the truth; especially when things don’t go our way. However, it is our inner resistance to what is that causes us distress. Fighting reality is exhausting and leads to a dead end. When we learn to accept things as they are, they no longer have power over us to control our inner state. With acceptance we transform our suffering and cultivate inner peace; and from this peaceful state, we are empowered to make better decisions and create a better life for ourselves.

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The Art of Freedom: 8 Things to Let Go of to Free Our Souls


“Freedom is the oxygen of the soul.” – Moshe Dayan

Each of us has an innate longing for freedom. We may live in a free world, full of options and opportunities; but deep within many of us feel bound, stuck and entrapped by the burdens of our own minds. Freedom begins with the transcendence of the ego. It comes from the realization of our truth- that by nature we are pure, loving consciousness, and already free, beyond the bondage of our limited minds. In freedom, we realize that life is a reflection of our choices and intentions. The only way to let our souls free is to let go of everything that bounds our souls; anything that is not in alignment with our true essence, values and intentions. This includes limiting self-beliefs and negative mental attitudes. When we get in touch with our own state of freedom, we experience a deeper sense of Self. We begin to awaken to higher levels of love and awareness. Each time we let go of something, we experience a new sense of freedom, peace and empowerment.

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6 Tips for Enhancing Emotional Intelligence (EQ)


Emotional intelligence is an essential component of both personal and professional development, for our emotions affect every aspect of our lives. Whether in personal relationships or in our careers, we need emotional intelligence to navigate effectively through life. On our spiritual path, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) helps us to move from immature ego-driven behaviors to more mature higher self-driven behaviors. As we mature emotionally, we grow spiritually.

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” ~ Anais Nin

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10 Spiritual Practices For Cultivating Inner Peace


Inner peace begins with the desire for a peaceful life. Our longing for peace is our soul’s deepest desire. Peace is our natural state. Our spirit is fully and completely at peace until the weight of the world falls upon our shoulders and we forget the peace we once intuitively knew. Read more »

3 Ways to Change our Stories and Transform our Lives


Each of us is living a life based on the stories we tell ourselves: a story about who we are, what we are capable of, what is achievable or not; a story about our relationships; our thoughts and feelings, and our ways of connecting to the world. Often times we are too caught up in our experiences and not aware of the patterns in our stories. Living unconsciously, we fail to ask ourselves whether our stories serve our highest good and spiritual growth. But when we become aware of our patterns, we realize that many of our stories have no basis in our Truth. We come to understand that we are just living a scripted life, acting upon who we have been told to be, and unaware of who we truly are.

“Spiritual growth involves giving up the stories of your past so the universe can write a new one.” – Marianne Williamson

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The Art of Life: Living Every Day with Purpose and Intention


Every day we wake up and rush into the day, often mindlessly, without purpose and intention, without any understanding of what we might hope to achieve. Most of us just want to get through the day without thinking about what we want to experience, how we want to feel, or how we can live a more fulfilling life. Our lives are filled with distractions and we often tend to neglect our spiritual needs. We are constantly being pulled in many different directions and we are left feeling overwhelmed, dissatisfied, unhappy and stressed. But when we begin our day with setting intentions, we have a renewed sense of clarity and purpose throughout our entire day, for our intentions create our realities and guide our actions as we move through the day.

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30 Powerful Affirmations to Declare our Truth and Transform our Lives


Affirmations are short and positive sentences that affect our conscious and subconscious mind. They are powerful and are proven to be effective for both mental and physical health. In affirmations, we assert our conviction that what we need or desire is already true in our lives.

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