Patience and Spiritual Growth


As the saying goes, ‘patience is a virtue’; and indeed, patience is one of the most important practices on our path towards spiritual awakening. Patience is a skill that is essential for all areas of our lives, including our health, happiness, relationships and success, as both a rational and a spiritual practice. It requires presence, gratitude, appreciation, and faith. Spiritual growth begins with the practice of planting seeds of love and consciousness, which with patience, can be transformed into fruitful realities.

“Patience is an inner assurance of God’s unreserved love and unconditional guidance. It is God’s power hidden in us to weather the teeming storms of life.”- Sri Chinmoy

So often impatience is the root of many of our problems, especially because we live in a world in which technology renders our need to wait for anything- as everything is available RIGHT NOW. So much of our lives gets lost in the pursuit of instant gratification and fast solutions or chasing the next best thing. Therefore, we are each called to cultivate even more consciously the art of patience and living in the present moment.

On our spiritual journey, we may find that our patience is often tested, as we become more self-aware and as our egos are constantly challenged. As we embark on a journey towards “enlightenment” and “awakening”, we want to see results, we want to experience that magical spiritual transcendence that we often read or hear about. But It is important to understand that everything in life takes time to blossom, to develop, to grow, to mature. It is also important to understand that the very things we are impatient with, serve us in understanding ourselves better and in cultivating inner peace.

“Inner peace is impossible without patience. Wisdom requires patience. Spiritual growth implies the mastery of patience. Patience allows the unfolding of destiny to proceed at its own unhurried pace.” -Brian Weiss

Patience implies a trust in our own capacities and ultimately a trust in the natural unfolding of life- knowing that everything happens in divine timing. Knowing and accepting this puts us at ease as we allow ourselves to align our individual will with the Universal will. By learning the art of patience, we stop forcing and resisting the natural flow of life and begin to truly embrace life in the present moment.

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Patience is a divine virtue because ultimately, it provides inner balance, strength and peace in every given situation. It also includes many other virtues, such as forgiveness, tolerance and compassion. The more we consciously practice patience, the more joyful and meaningful our life experiences will be.
We must understand that patience is not something passive. On the contrary, it is something quite dynamic, because it requires our attention and commitment. With patience we develop our inner strength and our inner will power. Like any virtue, patience must be practiced to be improved.

Here are 3 step towards cultivating greater patience for our spiritual growth:

1. Presence:

Quite often impatience rushes us swiftly into the next moment without due regard for experiencing the present one. Being patient is very much about being fully present in the moment. It is about accepting the very moment for what it is and finding peace in it. By not chasing after tomorrow, we have the chance to discover a deep contentment that manifests in our lives as great patience.

“Patience is the training in abiding with the restlessness of our energy and letting things evolve at their own speed.”
~ Pema Chödrön

2. Meditation:

Meditation is the an essential practice of spirituality and awakening. It allows us to go beyond the ego mind and connect with our truth-the deepest dimension of each and every one of us that we discover when we have let go of thought, feeling, mind, time, and the outside world.
As we allow ourselves to go deeper within, we uncover and reveal deeper truths and realize that patience is an inherent quality of our true Selves; thus patience is not an action but a state of being.

“Patience is the companion of wisdom.”~Saint Augustine

3. Surrender

Patience requires us to surrender our attachments to outcome and our need to control our lives. Spiritual surrender begins with faith- the belief that our lives are being guided by Divine Universal Intelligence. It is about fully aligning ourselves with the will of God. Patience is resting into the knowingness that at the right time, in the most perfect way, the most perfect outcome will manifest all of our heart’s desires.

Life is a journey, and patience is the a spiritual tool that will enable us to be present throughout each moment and process. By deliberately practicing patience, we expand our consciousness and invite more love, joy and peace into our minds, hearts and lives.

Love and Light,

Kiyanush Kamrani