This space intends to empower through the deliberate practice of sowing seeds in our daily lives so that we may reap fruits of our fullest potential and live our best lives.

Growth begins with the sowing of seeds. In the garden of life, these seeds are our thoughts, deeds, words, ideas and intentions which create our reality. Our role as gardeners is to choose and plant the best seeds within the field of our consciousness. These seeds are nourishment for our soul and help us receive the fruits of our blessings. The seeds we plant grow into flowers that grow everywhere. As conscious gardeners we embark a journey of self-discovery and self-responsibility.

Seeds of the Heart provides insight, wisdom, inspiration and practical tools to empower readers to live a life of passion, purpose and intentionality.

With a degree and background in psychology and mental health,  and as a life-long student of metaphysics, mysticism and spirituality, Kiyanush Kamrani is inspired to share the wisdom and insights she has gained on her own journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth with others by empowering them to take charge of their own life experience and consciously co-create with Divine, Universal Intelligence.

Furthermore, Kiyanush is a Yoga teacher and has completed a 200 hours YTT.