Seeds of the Heart
Seeds of the Heart
Deep Transformational Life Coaching with Kiyanush Kamrani

Deep Transformational Life Coaching


Seeds of the Heart

A journey into the heart of the Self.


If you find yourself moving through a period of significant inner shift, and are ready to answer the call of your soul to wake up to your true Self and embody your highest potential, then you are in the right place here.

Deep Transformational Life Coaching focuses on inner transformation, as it uncovers the depths of your being. It is a heart-centered, spirit-based approach that aligns you with your true essence and guides you through your journey of self-discovery with loving kindness and awareness. Unlike traditional life coaching that is often goal-oriented, result-driven or solution-focused, Deep Transformational Coaching offers a wider opening that invites new insights, intuitive perceptions, and expanded consciousness, helping you embody your desired way of being.

Transformation is an alchemical process of profound change that arises from a deeper awareness of the Self and leads to a new way of being.

Each session is a sacred space in which transformation of the self can naturally and organically unfold, as you are invited to go within, to connect with your heart and to listen from a deeper place to your soul’s calling.

Deep Transformational Life Coaching supports:

  • Heart-centered consciousness

  • Expanded self-awareness

  • Emotional Healing

  • Spiritual growth

  • Emergence of the true Self

  • A shift in being


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One-on-one sessions last about an hour and are done via phone on Skype or Zoom, and in person, when possible.