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My name is Kiyanush, many call me Kia.

I am a certified Deep Transformational Life Coach, Yoga Teacher and Reiki Healer.

My own longing for truth and liberation led me on many different paths over the course of my life. I explored various spiritual philosophies and modalities with the hope to find an end to my internal suffering. However, It wasn't until I journeyed inward, held space for myself, deeply embraced my fears and shadows, and allowed myself to be with each feeling and emotion, that I began to open up to a deeper level of healing and wholeness. It is then that I truly met myself at the most intimate level of being and finally came home to myself. Through the deepening of my own inner experience, I have learned that the willingness to face everything that is not yet awake, has the profound capacity to transform our lives from within.

With a degree and background in counseling psychology and mental health and as a lifelong student of spirituality, mysticism and metaphysics, it is my deepest passion to guide others through their journey of healing and transformation.

In our session, we will work together in a co-creative partnership that supports your inner transformation. You will be invited on a heart-centered journey of authenticity and self-discovery that leads you directly to the depths of your being.

My greatest intention is to hold sacred space for you to tune into your heart’s deepest longing and desires. I will empower you in every way, so you can intentionally realize your untapped potential and authentically become the fullest expression of your essential Self through your own self-love and compassion.


Kia was a godsend to me during a very emotionally and spiritually difficult time of my life. During the first session, I found her soothing voice and gentle guidance exactly what I needed to dig deep within, and release myself from the place I was in, trusting that on the other side of it was liberation, joy and abundance. I walked away from that first session feeling such a release of energy in a way I never had before. I felt better than I had in a long time. One more session with Kia a couple of weeks later and I’m a new woman. I am clear, connected to myself, and the pure life energy that pours into me and flows from me, have everything to do with the beautiful gift of divine healing Kia bestowed upon me. I am, and will forever be grateful to her.
My sessions with Kiyanush have been an absolute blessing! For the first time in my life, I had someone who provided me with the guidance to improve my life in an empathetic environment filled with kindness, compassion, and genuine love which allowed me to be open to my truth. After my first session, I found myself reconnecting with myself and really changing my inner conversation. I’m beyond grateful that I found someone who helped provide me with tools to move forward and reclaim my life. I highly recommend her services for anyone ready to make a positive life long change.
This has been a transformative experience! Through Kia’s coaching presence, I’ve developed confidence to have a different perspective on how I can instill a practice of self-love. Her guidance in allowing me to explore my emotions at a deeper level has been very healing. Her deep knowledge about one’s transformative journey to becoming true to who you are is remarkable. Also, her level of support, wisdom, and clarity in helping me find alignment between who I have become and what will make me truly happy has been extremely profound. I am equipped to pursue this self-discovery quest and feel so empowered.

“ Kiyanush is a true inspiration and blessing. Her insight, support, compassion and gentle approach, have helped me a great deal with going deeper within and becoming aware and releasing my internal blockages. After each session, I feel lighter, calmer and more in touch with my true feelings and emotions, and I have the capacity to cultivate greater love and acceptance for myself. I look forward to continue working with Kiyanush on my path towards inner-connection and transformation. I highly recommend one-on-one sessions with her.”

-Samira S., Teacher

"Kia masterfully holds space for unconscious beliefs to come to the surface. She exudes warmth and safety in her guidance navigating these layers and patterns of conditioning. Kia is a clear vessel, a rare gem to work with. She will bring you in direct experience with your own essence.  Through our work together I feel very connected to a freedom deep within myself. I have greater clarity and vision for my life. I have access to parts of myself that I wasn’t even aware existed. I am honored and joyed to share what a gift Kia is. Her grace and loving presence brings peace, clarity and is a guiding hand on your journey into deep transformation. "

- Allegra King, Holistic Nutritionist