From Healing to Awakening- A Journey of Self-love


Spiritual growth is a process of healing and awakening, and regardless of where we are on our journey, self-love is a prerequisite.

Self-love is the foundation of our spiritual journey, and the root from which everything grows. It is the path of Self-discovery- a timeless recognition of our true divine nature. The journey to self- love begins with realizing our own unwavering worth and honoring our divine truth. It is a process of peeling back layers of the false self (ego) and stepping into the light of our highest Self.

When we arrive at the seed of the truth that is planted within, all we will find is love.

Healing Through Self-love

The reason why the spiritual journey often begins with a healing process, is that, as we grow on our path and our consciousness expands, we let go of many things that no longer serve our growth and evolution, including self-concepts, self-images, core beliefs and world views. It is a transformational journey of shedding old skin, peeling away old patterns, blocks, programmings and conditioning that cover the essence of our true being. The releasing of these veils can often bring about immense emotional pain, fear, discomfort, loneliness and confusion. It challenges our core beliefs and concepts about who we think we are and how we perceive the world we live in. This process is often regarded as the ‘dark night of the soul’ and usually marks the beginning of a deep, profound, transcendental journey of self-discovery.

Only through unconditional self-love, compassion and acceptance, are we able to find strength to navigate through the challenges, ebbs and flows of our journey and create a safe space for what is seeking to emerge through us. These growing pains can be soothed by our own loving embrace- a deep acceptance of what is- mindfully attending to our inner needs, letting go of resistance and allowing ourselves to be with whatever arises in each moment without any judgments, stories or conclusions.

Once we move through the layers of the false self (ego), feelings and emotions that have been buried, such as fear, doubt and attachments, are brought into the light. Self-love then, gives us the capacity for deeper emotional healing. This healing invites us to move beyond the mind, tune into our hearts and listen from a deeper place.

True healing is not about escaping suffering and reaching wholeness at some point in the future- it is about recognizing that wholeness right here in our present experience- at the very heart of our suffering. Here, in this present moment, we realize that at the core of our true being, we are already whole and complete. When we surrender to this truth, we allow healing to manifest in our minds, bodies and spirits.

Essentially self-love is born out of self-awareness. The journey unfolds as we begin to explore the depth of our being and our true purpose in life. In order to love oneself, one must truly know oneself and become intimate with the subtle dimensions of one’s existence. Once we have met our Higher Self- the formless, timeless, eternal aspect of our existence, then we begin to create a deeper and more intimate relationship with our inner being. For transformation to happen, there has to be a depth of intimacy with one’s true Self.

“One must find the truth of one’s own self and be that. Unless you know yourself, you will not know what true love is. Love and truth are one.” ~Mooji

Healing is often a messy process as unconscious patterns are being released. It is therefore important that we meet ourselves with loving awareness, kindness and compassion in every moment. We have to trust ourselves and let go of self-imposed limitations and all the ways we withhold and deny love for ourselves.

The moment we realize that the love that we seek is within, we are free.

Through heart-centered awareness we learn to cultivate ways to recognize energies that don’t serve us. Through honesty and self-love, we can transmute our deepest fears and insecurities. If we want to overcome years and lifetimes of self-doubt, self-hate and self-sabotage, we have to be deliberate about our self-love.

“You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.” ~Buddha

Self-love as a Spiritual Practice

To know ourselves from the deepest level, we must be willing to commit to our inner work and a consistent spiritual practice. We have to set the intention to take the time to go inward and look within as a sense of responsibility to our own Self.
Through awareness, we learn to interrupt the patterns that create suffering. With courage and integrity, we are able to look within and observe ourselves, including aspects that are at war with each other. To bring about harmony, reconciliation, and healing within, we have to face our shadows and understand the root of our suffering. The more we practice stillness, mindfulness and meditation, the more we are able to see ourselves fully in our truth.

Spiritual practices are ultimately an act of service to ourselves for they serve as replacing self doubt, criticism and judgment with self-love, acceptance and compassion.
When we learn to embrace our own hearts through loving kindness, we realize that in love there is no separate self to love and that we are the energy and intelligence of love itself.

When we arrive at self-love, we will stop the unconscious cycle of self-sabotage and self-betrayal imposed by ego and we will begin to consciously choose love in every moment. Most importantly, by making our self-care and self-love a priority, we no longer look outside of ourselves to fill a void. We realize that all the love, attention, validation and support that we seek, we must give to ourselves first.

Self-love empowers us to show up in the world from our most authentic and true self.

Self-love and Awakening 

Spiritual awakening is the flowering and expansion of consciousness. It requires us to rise up to actualize our potential, to open the space within, to meet our inner self. Love is the natural state of our being. We are each an extension of source energy and source energy is infinite, divine, unconditional love. We are never separate from our source, therefore self-love is a matter of opening up, allowing and aligning with universal love and oneness.

When we awaken to the truth of who we are, we stop seeking love outside and turn within to the infinite source of love that dwells inside each of us.

Self-love is a moment to moment choice. The more we choose to love in each moment, the more love the world will reflect back to us. We become instruments of love.

Each time we tune into the feeling of self-love, self-forgiveness, self-compassion and self-understanding, we change the entire vibrations of our energy field and thus attract more loving experiences and relationships into our lives.

The seed of love is planted within our all of our hearts. The more we water these seeds, the more we grow into the love that we are. From healing to awakening, love is the unifying force that connects us to our truth and the hearts of others. It allows us to see a part of our Selves in everyone and everything we encounter. As we embrace love within our own being, we see love reflected in all beings. When we cultivate a deep sense of love for ourselves, we embody love in everything that we do; every aspect of our lives will reflect this love.

Kiyanush Kamrani