From Mindful to Heart-full.


Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present in the moment and attentively observing our thoughts and feelings as they come and go. It is a state of wakefulness and involves openness and full acceptance of what is without any judgments or the need to change or control what is happening in the moment. Mindfulness allows us to remain connected to our Authentic Selves through a moment to moment awareness. When the mind is still, we are able to go within and connect with our truth, which is essentially and eternally rooted in love. Mindfulness is the pathway to heart-centered awareness as it connects us to ourselves and others through love, acceptance, loving kindness and compassion. 

“We care about the awakened heart because, like a flower in full bloom, it is the full realization of our nature. We feel most “who we are” when we feel connected to each other and the world around us, when our hearts are open, generous and filled with love.” Tara Brach 

A mindfulness practice is only complete when it includes the heart, as awareness is not limited to the mind; the heart is the center of our consciousness. The mind is always reeling with thoughts, most of which are useless and only distance us from or spiritual center, the heart. But, when we practice mindfulness, our thoughts tune into what we are sensing in the present moment rather than rehashing the past or imagining the future. With this sense of deep acceptance and presence we merge with our hearts and open up pathways towards greater consciousness.

Ultimately, mindfulness practice brings our awareness toward what occurs in our hearts from moment to moment, welcoming each moment with openness, kindness, and compassion, allowing us to hold our experiences with tenderness and non-judgment. 

As we become more conscious and befriend our thoughts, feelings and emotions, we begin to connect to the deeper aspects of ourselves, and we learn to relate to ourselves and others with greater compassion. A growing sense of inner spaciousness, humility, surrender and acceptance is felt when we enter the heart space; we become in total harmony and alignment with our innermost being. When we are fully in our hearts, love becomes the point of our attraction, therefore everything we manifest into our realities is rooted in harmony, peace and acceptance.

“The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.”-Buddha 

Heart-Based Meditation: 

A heart-based meditation is the direct experience of the heart through centeredness, expansiveness and deep love. In heart-centered meditation, every breath is an act of love. Through open-hearted presence and the acceptance of the present moment experience, we meet ourselves where we truly are. This is the ultimate key to self-love. 

“The heart is the center of the Universe.” 

True, spiritual transformation occurs in the heart- the center of consciousness. As the heart opens during meditation, there is a greater expansiveness of inner awareness. Boundaries dissolve, veils drop and unlimited inner space opens up as we become more conscious of our Oneness with the Universe itself. In this space, in the heart, the Universal heart, there is deep peace, vast openness, pure, unconditional, Divine Love. Everything is included in the Universal heart space, including our small small Selves, our egos; nothing is outside of this space. In this infinite ocean of Being, we dissolve all of our illusions and limitations. In this space of pure Love, we heal, we awaken, we expand and ascend. We become Love. From within the heart we cultivate and embody the divine qualities of Love and compassion for ourselves and others. 

Bringing attention to the breath is the first step in a profound journey to the heart of life. Along the way, we discover the natural wakefulness, gentleness and bravery that define who we truly are. Once we enter the heart space through breath and awareness, the mind begins to slow down, and we soften into the fullness of our own being, filled with peace, acceptance and gratitude. As we live deeper in our hearts, our purpose becomes more clear to us and we experience a more intimate relationship with life.

Following our hearts leads us to a path of spiritual illumination and enlightenment- becoming a fully realized version of ourselves. Within the heart we find the alignment to be at peace with life, consciously co-creating and manifesting the pure qualities of love. 

Taking time each day to still the mind and to meditate, brings us to a place of sweet surrender, allowing life to unfold naturally, which softens our hearts and allows peace and trust to prevail. In this space of surrender and allowance, our hearts become a place of prayer.

Kiyanush Kamrani