25 Illuminating Soul Affirmations

As humanity is shifting into 5th dimensional consciousness, many souls are awakening from a deep sleep of duality and victim-consciousness into soul-centered creator-consciousness, that requires us to to step out of our humanity and into our Power and Divinity. Affirmations nourish the mind, body and soul and align us with our essence and truth. Through positive self-direction, we allow Universal Love and Light to flow freely through us, uplifting our spirits and humanity as a whole.

May the following affirmations illuminate your path towards greater Self-awareness and serve as a mirror to reflect your Soul’s Light, so that you can shine in every area of your life. 

1. I am a soul, an infinite, multidimensional spiritual being, an extension of Source.
2. I am Love. I am Light.
3. I am the Light of Consciousness.
4. I am Presence.
5. I am Awareness.
6. I am a spark of the Divine, a reflection of the One.
7. I am One with All.
8. I am the Master of my destiny, the Creator of my reality.
9. The Universe is inside of me.
10. I am always aligned with my Truth.
11. I honor my divine purpose and consciously co-create with Universal Intelligence.
12. I trust my Divine Will.
13. I embody my Higher Self, the perfect balance of Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine.
14. In each moment I follow my intuition and allow my Higher Self to guide the way towards my highest purpose and destiny, for my destiny has already been chosen and determined by my soul.
15. Everything I need to know for my soul’s evolution, has already been encoded within my DNA and every fiber of my being.
16. My inner Light leads me along the path of my soul’s mission and illuminates the path for others.
17. What I am seeking, is seeking me.
18. I am infinitely and devinly guided in every moment.
19. I am grateful for all the love and guidance I receive from my Higher Self, guides and angels.
20. I acknowledge my divinity and sovereignty and accept Love as my highest calling.
21. I let go of any limiting thoughts, beliefs and ideas that are not aligned with my truth.
22. I am free from past stories, unresolved soul contracts and karmic bonds and imprints.
23. Love his my Highest Truth.
24. I follow my heart in every breath and surrender to Love in each moment.
25. My soul’s journey is unfolding perfectly, expanding in consciousness into the perfect expression of Divine Love.

Love and Light,
Kiyanush Kamrani

Kiyanush Kamrani